Got a question about Google News, or are you curious about how to start personalizing your News page to get the stories you care most about? It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid user or a life-long publisher - we have the place for you. The Google News Discussion Group takes questions of all shapes and sizes. With so many readers out there, it only makes sense to have a home for helping one another use Google News better.

The Group is also a way for us to step in and help you when others can’t, as well as a great way for us to hear about the new features you all are asking for. Don’t understand a new feature? Want to ask for a different one? The Group is the place to do it.

Some of you may have already recognized me as the Google News Guide in the group. Though I’ll be heading off to law school soon, I want to introduce the new guide in town: Let's make Marcela feel welcome. And if you haven’t already joined, what are you doing right now?

In short, whether you want to know why Hindi appears to be spelled incorrectly on the homepage, or how to use our first-click free option as a publisher, do come visit.